Wednesday, May 26, 2010

new garden for the new season

2010 edible landscape location
U of M St. Paul campus display and trial gardens
Yes, it's still the same blog from the University of Minnesota Edible Landscape, but I thought since we're entering a new season the blog should have a fresh, new look. As the season progresses I'll be updating the slideshow so it'll be clear which photos are from 2009 and which are from 2010.

The edible landscape demo garden will have a new look also, because it has moved to a new location in the gardens. The green area on this map is the edible landscape. When you visit, you'll notice edibles planted in other areas of the demonstration gardens as well. This idea of landscaping with food plants is really taking off, and the gardens are looking great filled with a rainbow of purple kale, chard and lettuces. Soon the warm season crops will really start producing, what with the warm temps we've had. Signage will be up soon to explain what's going on in all the different areas of the gardens. Look for the "What's Growing On?" signs.
Look for these signs to discover what's
happening in different areas of the gardens.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

small space edible landscaping 2010

The edible landscape project in 2009 was large...very large. Over 1500 square feet of vegetables, fruit, flowers, herbs were bursting from their beds throughout the season. But as I met more and more people who were thrilled by the idea of edible landscaping, I was reminded that most of us don't have such grandiose space to work with. So this year's theme is going to be all about what you can do in a small space. Minnesota Master Gardeners are going to be working on the Veggies by the Yard project in the beds of last year's edible landscape, and I will be transforming other areas of the display and trial gardens into tiny oases of beautiful edibles. Prepare to see fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, flowers and small fruits intermingling in the ground and in containers. You don't need a lot of space to have an edible landscape, so come by the U of M Demonstration Gardens this season to get inspired!