Monday, February 21, 2011

fruit for the edible landscape, part 2

Moongold apricot in full bloom.
Photo by Emily Tepe.
We've talked about fruit for the edible landscape here before, but I think it warrants another mention. So often fruits seem to be forgotten when it comes to gardening, perhaps because they seem a little more difficult to grow than annual vegetable plants like lettuce and tomatoes. But with a little planning and some basic tools in your gardening knowledge toolshed, you can have great success growing delicious fruits in addition to all those veggies, herbs and flowers. I wanted to remind you of a few links that will really help you plan and maintain fruit plantings in your edible landscape. They're produced by the University of Minnesota, but will apply to gardens in many areas around the country. Oh, and I also want to point out the new page tab up above that will be devoted to fruit info. That way you won't have to search and search through the blog for it. Enjoy!

Selected fruit varieties for Minnesota gardens
Strawberries for the home garden
Apples and pears in Minnesota gardens
Stone fruits in Minnesota gardens
Currants and gooseberries in Minnesota gardens
Blueberries for home landscapes
Raspberries for the home garden
Hardy kiwifruit in Minnesota gardens