Wednesday, July 18, 2012

welcome to artichokes and zinnias

Welcome to the new home for the Minnesota Edible Landscape blog. I hope you like the new name and format. Now that my book is almost complete, I'll be picking up on my blogging again. On this new site, you will find a little more information about how to prepare many of the foods that come from the edible landscape, in addition to tips, ideas, resources and inspiration on edible landscaping itself. 

If you've come here from my old site at, thanks for sticking with me. It's great to have you here! Please let me know how you like the new site, and if you have any suggestions.

Thanks, and welcome to 


  1. Looking forward to more entries!! I love the new look and name too, very nice!!

  2. Thanks Maria! It's been fun reworking the blog, and I'm excited to get writing again!