Tuesday, January 29, 2013

more winter squash

I was perusing the web for more winter squash ideas, and found a couple I just had to share them with you. There are some creative gardeners out there. These are good reminders to think outside the box when devising plant supports.
Train your squash along a fence and this show stopper will
give you easy access at harvest time.
Photo borrowed from allaroundus.blogspot.com.

An old tree stump provides plenty of support
for these gourds. It would work just as well
for winter squash.
Image borrowed from m.gifford.

I also found a couple more recipes to try. This one from Motive Nutrition boasts two of my winter time favorites: butternut squash AND kale.

A friend gave me another recipe based on the Native American 'three sisters' combo - corn, bean and pumpkin. (Thanks Steve!) Give these two a try, along with the Winter Squash and Carrot Soup I raved about, and send the winter blues packing.

I'll type up a clearer version and give a cookbook source soon.

Happy souping,

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