Thursday, February 14, 2013

new plant list page

Look above in the menu and you'll see a link for a new Plant Lists page. The lists are directly from my book, The Edible Landscape, and are a little freebie (and perhaps a little teaser) for those of you who don't have the book yet.

I hope the lists help you as you begin to plan your edible landscape for this year. And if you find the lists helpful, be sure to check out my book for lots and lots of inspiration, photos, sample designs, tips and techniques for making your yard a feast for the eyes and the table!

Thanks, and enjoy!


  1. I came across an article about your new book in my local paper today (New Hampshire). I am anxious to get a copy. The edible landscape is something I have been dreaming of making for years and being in a northern climate it can be difficult to get good information. Thank you

  2. Thanks, Marcaine Art. I hope my book is helpful as you plan your dream edible landscape!